Food supply


We are food italian lovers


Il TEMPIO is an Italian company that operates in food distribution and is made up of qualified professionals with many years of experience.
We have particular expertise in the presentation of products and in offering complete solutions for Dining and Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Catering Companies and anyone who needs fast, efficient and top quality service!
Our goal is to anticipate the needs of the customer, in order to meet their expectations and resolve their problems appropriately and efficiently.
Those who come to us expect to receive top quality service at the best price. We get fresh supplies delivered by air daily, so we can provide our customers with the freshest, highest quality products; this ensure that we are the best at what we do.
Flexibility means that we can manage any type of order, from the smallest to the biggest, everywhere in Koh Samui, thanks to our staff who are always ready and available.


Best food and superior quality service


Our business is built around the passion for good food. We meet the producers directly at their Italian farms, to check the quality of foods and products they delivery to us here in Koh Samui, providing you the most superior food supply available in the market. Our values are simple: good food and good service.
Many products need to be kept at low temperatures in order to preserve their quality. In order to guarantee the best, we have invested in spacious coolers that we mantain at different temperatures. This way, we can stock and access all our food supplies and have the products ready for you straight away, without long waiting times.


Not only pizza and pasta


We are a reliable company proud to distribute italian food excellence
Daily supplies by air ensure product freshness for our customers 

Our staff is dedicated and qualified to handle your request with the most premier service, every time.

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