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Excellent Quality


In our shop, we have a rich selection of authentic Italian food. We carefully selects the best products to bring you a real sample of Italian food and cuisine.
Our Company is sole supplier of Del Casaro products for all of South Thailand.




Il Tempio Wine Cellar offers an extensive list of trusted wine brands. When you came to Il Tempio you’ll see we have a lots of wine. Many you will recognize, the same major popular labels that you can see everywhere in the world. Others brands will be new to you, because they are exclusive to Il Tempio, served solely at our establishment, here in Koh Samui. These wines are limited varietals, exclusively sourced directly from individual wineries and independent growers. These unrivaled wines come mainly from Italy, France, Australia and United States, but also from the rest of the world. This means you can discover great wines from the best wineries wordwide, all here, in the Il Tempio winery collection.


Sliced and Cheese


In our shop you will find the best selection of sliced and cheese.
We carefully selects artisan products from the best suppliers in Italy, to bring you the excellences of Italian food.
We offers varios kind of cheese as Mozzarella, Parmigiano, Ricotta, Burrata, Pecorino, Fontina. Beside at our best selections of cheese you can find a wide variety of ham and salami like: San Daniele, Proscitto Parma, Salame Felino, Cinghiale, Mortadella.